Witness to the times


The viewer who casually gets to see Michela Pedron’s art with no information on it immediately understands the two basic coordinates characterising it: that it is a woman artist’s work and that it is an analysis often ironic, sometimes scathing, from time to time even cruel, of the XXI century society and culture.


Michela Pedron’s creative work is characterized by a marked “serial” sense, as it evolves with production series that get to capture the whole contemporary world. This is the role of the artist that is a witness to the times and Michela Pedron is able to harmonize with the world.


Michela Pedron’s art doesn’t lack the search for beauty in the traditional sense: it is evident in the refinement of the themes and in the execution, even in her most ironic and kitsch works, which is technically flawless and characterized by a respectful and reassuring method of applying the colour.


Michela Pedron’s creative work is often marked by a clear “duality” that can shock the careful viewer. She uses the pink but matched with the black, she talks to the past art offering us well-known subjects but desecrating them.


The line between beauty and ugly gets blurred, it can be metaphorically assimilated to any aesthetic, political and social line in the world of the fully realised globalization: the icons of the two countries get closer, they contaminate each other, communicate and implode. Linguistic, aes- thetic, cultural barriers don’t exist anymore.