2009.3.3 - 3.31
Cecco Bonanotte
Exhibition of New bronze reliefs and drawings
新作ブロンズレリーフ・ドローイング 展

Cecco Bonanotte
Cecco Bonanotte


Known for making the big bronze portals for the Vatican Museums and The Luxembourg Museum in Paris, an Italian sculptor Cecco Bonanotte held a new works exhibition in HIRO GALLERY.


In the exhibition, 3 bronze reliefs 90 centimeters square, the drawing 6.3 meters wide composed by 7 sequential drawings, and 4 drawings 70 centimeters square were exhibited. All works were made in a new way of expression.


Abstract titles are always given the works by Bonanotte. That is because he understands life as theater so expresses hope and expectation of characters in various balances. Thorough his works, he hopes the viewers feel themselves as the main characters and place themselves in the characters’ positions.


The drawing 6.3 meters wide in the exhibition are composed by 7 pieces of drawing titled Sequence ?Sequenza-. This title means the sequence of human history from the past to the future. Various dramas in the course of sequence are expressed in the sequential works, in a subtle and poetic way.


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