2013.6.10 - 8.9
New Works of Cecco Bonanotte
DIALOGO - FORMA E IMMAGINE - mixed media and portrait
チェッコ・ボナノッテ新作展「対話 "フォルム - イメージ"」

TECNICA MISTA E / mixed media / 2013 / 90×90cm
TECNICA MISTA E / mixed media / 2013 / 90×90cm
TECNICA MISTA B / mixed media / 2013 / 30×30cm
TECNICA MISTA B / mixed media / 2013 / 30×30cm

Photo by Alessandra Maria Bonanotte


We held an exhibition of new works in mixed media by Cecco Bonanotte, a leading Italian sculptor who was awarded the sculpture field of The 24th Praemium Imperiale last year.

The portraits by Photographer Alessandra Maria Bonanotte were shown together.


Cecco Bonanotte have made a lot of bronze sculptures for decades, including monumental works such as the bronze portal for the new entrance to the Vatican Museums [2000] and the bronze portal for the Musee du Luxembourg in Paris [2006]. And he is making wood carving recently. Bonanotte grew up with wood and chisel in his father’s laboratory, and says that making wood sculpture “was like to make a journey through time and going back to my childhood to the laboratory of my father.”


Cecco Bonanotte [HIRO GALLERY]


Photographer Alessandra Maria Bonanotte [1979- ] was born as Cecco Bonanotte’s second daughter in Rome. Mainly she takes pictures of nature, animal and plant. And she took the photographs of portrait and new works by Cecco Bonanotte for “LA FORMA POETICA,” a catalogue commemorating the receiving Praemium Imperiale last year.


We co-exhibited the new mixed medias by Cecco and portraits by Alessandra Maria.




Term: June 10 [Mon.] - August 9 [Fri.]

Hours: 10:00 - 19:00

[Closed on Sundays and Holidays]

会場風景 Exhibition view







写真家アレッサンドラ・マリア・ボナノッテ(1979- )は彫刻家チェッコ・ボナノッテの次女としてローマに生まれました。今回はチェッコの新作ミクストメディアとアレッサンドラ・マリア撮影のチェッコ・ボナノッテポートレートを併せて展示いたしました。ご来場誠にありがとうございました。




会期:6月10日(月) - 8月9日(金)

時間:10:00 - 19:00





  • TECNICA MISTA E / ミクストメディア / 2013年 / 90×90cm
  • TECNICA MISTA B / ミクストメディア / 2013年 / 30×30cm
  • Dialogo 対話