2019.6.10 - 29
Vasilis Avramidis Exhibition

Surveyor / 2019 / Oil on canvas / 80 x 70 cm
Surveyor / 2019 / Oil on canvas / 80 x 70 cm
The ground
The ground / 2019 / Oil on canvas / 80 x 60 cm
Down to zero / 2018 / Oil on canvas / 80 x 60 cm
Down to zero / 2018 / Oil on canvas / 80 x 60 cm


We held an exhibition “Host” by Vasilis Avramidis, a Greek contemporary artist born in 1981. This is his first exhibition in Asia.


Avramidis was born in Kilkis, Greece. He graduated from Central Saint Martins, which many famous artists graduated from. He is based in London and holds exhibitions mainly in Europe and the US. He has attracted high attention in recent exhibitions and art fairs.


Figures, nature, and architectures are painted in almost all of his artworks. There are human beings that transformed into ruin themselves, flourished nature as if so long time has passed after the extinct of human, and ruined architectures. They are complicatedly intertwined and depicted with a sound technique that makes us associate it with the tradition of Greece.


The exhibition title “Host” means the motifs as the receptacles such as “portrait, still life, architecture and landscape”, on which Avramidis depicts his imagined story. Expressed through classical motifs, his rambling imaginations cause the viewers to feel the multilayered inner experience.


“Drawing energy from visiting museums and going back to certain diachronic paintings, Avramidis is very much interested in what is happening with the gaze… Filtered by the artist’s psyche at a large degree, what these works try to do is let the medium of paint bring the initial pictorial ideas and the artist’s visual experiences into this formative terrain.” [Excerpt from the artist statement] 


We exhibited 8 pieces of new works by Avramidis.



Vasilis Avramidis Exhibition



Venue: HIRO GALLERY, Ginza Tokyo

Address: 3F, 1st. Iwatsuki bldg., Namiki Street, 6-7-16 Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 Japan

Term: June 10 [mon] - 29 [sat], 2019 ※Closed on Sundays

Hours: 10:00 - 19:00 [Saturdays until 18:30]

Tel: +81-3-3574-0545



《Press / Web article》

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Asahi Shimbun 4 June 2019 [evening edition]

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Exhibition Views 会場風景

ギリシアの現代アーティスト、ヴァシリス・アヴラミディス(Vasilis Avramidis, 1981年生まれ)のアジア初となる新作個展「Host」を開催いたしました。


アヴラミディスはギリシアのキルキスに生まれました。これまで数多くの有名アーティストを輩出したロンドンの名門芸術大学セントラル・セント・マーチンズを卒業し、現在はロンドンを拠点に、 ヨーロッパとアメリカを中心に活動しています。近年の展覧会やアートフェアでも高い注目を集める若手アーティストです。






【美術館で古い絵画を繰り返し鑑賞するうちに、アヴラミディスは作品を「見る」こと自体に強く興味を持つようになりました。(中略)芸術家の精神を通して生み出されるこれらの作品は、もともとの絵のモチーフと芸術家の視覚的経験を同時にキャンバスの上で実現することを試みています】 《本展覧会作家ステートメントより抜粋》








会場:東京・銀座 ヒロ画廊

住所:〒104-0061 東京都中央区銀座6-7-16(並木通り)岩月ビル3F

会期:2019年6月10日(月)〜29日(土) ※日曜休廊

営業時間:10:00 - 19:00 土曜は18:30まで

電話: 03-3574-0545



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