2007.5.1 - 5.31
Ichiro Sato Exhibition “The Iron World”
The 15th Izukogen Art Festival


We held Ichiro Sato’s exhibition titled “The Iron World” from May 1st to 31st in HIRO GALLERY IZUKOGEN. It is one of displays in the 15th Izukogen Art Festival.


Koichi Tanigawa and Chiizuru Miyasako, the artists who had lived in Izukogen for years, wanted to make Izukogen a cultural city so established this event. This festival marked 15th anniversaries in 2007. From the beginning, there was a concrete concept, “Not to spoil the sight and nature.” As a result, there is no gross advertisement, so the attendance is supposed to walk around freely with the aid of the map of this festival that is on the leaflet placed in each venue.


Thanks to the 15 years of its history, the attendance of this festival is increasing year by year so that a lot of people come to Izukogen for this event. Most of the participants are repeat visitors. It gets great reputation because the attendance can visit about 100 venues with their family and friends in the fresh green of spring.


This is the scenery of the venue. Ichiro Sato’s unique shaping such as the heart-shaped lamp and leaf-shaped table are popular with the visitors. The legs of the leaf-shaped table are formed as though they root. Decorated in blue gradation, the roots express the vital force of taking water from the earth. They are enjoyable, organic artworks that make characteristic spaces combined with the minimal spaces of recent years.


The 15th Izukogen Art Festival

May 1st to 31st, 2007



  • New portal of HIRO GALLERY IZUKOGEN by Ichiro SATO
  • Exhibition view













  • ヒロ画廊伊豆高原の新しい門扉 [佐藤伊智郎作]
  • 展示風景