2008.12.8 - 12.20
Daisuke Samejima - round and round -
鮫島大輔 新作個展


We held an exhibition of Daisuke Samejima, an artist known for the balls that he draws landscapes on. He pursues the reemergence of space and time on them.


The exhibition was titled - round and round -


8 new works of landscapes drawn on the play equipments of horse were exhibited.


All motifs drawn on the horses were parks and squares. This is because play equipments are usually placed there. For a long time, play equipments have been loved and familiar with many people.


Synchronizing the passage of time and memory with the present landscapes, these fantastic works make it possible to feel time and space travel, reproducibility of 360-degree space.


The play equipments of horse have very cute shapes. Landscapes being depicted on the cute horses, it seems that the horses are put on the clothes of the landscapes.


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展覧会タイトルは - round and round -