2022.11.28 - 12.17
Vasilis Avramidis Exhibition



This exhibition has ended. Thank you very much for your visit!


The last road, 2022 | Vasilis Avramidis
The last road / 2022 / Oil on canvas / 70 x 50 cm
Bitten, 2022 | Vasilis Avramidis
Bitten / 2022 / Oil on canvas / 90 x 70 cm
The perfect moment, 2022 | Vasilis Avramidis
The perfect moment / 2022 / Oil on canvas / 70 x 50 cm

We are proud to announce the exhibition of new works by Vasilis Avramidis, a contemporary Greek artist born in 1981, in HIRO GALLERY Ginza Tokyo for the first time in this three years.


Avramidis was born in Kilkis, Greece. He graduated from Central Saint Martins, from which many famous artists graduated. He is based in the United Kingdom and Greece and holds exhibitions mainly in Europe and the US. The first Asian area exhibition in HIRO GALLERY 3 years ago was well received.


In almost all of his artworks, classical still-life or landscapes, flourished nature, and human figures fused with these motifs, are painted and realise surrealistic pictorial space. All his works make us feel high quality and the artist's technique, but it is also characteristic of his career that he continues to change and develop his expression.


His newest works are, "in order to address the subject matter purely through form, tone and contrast", depicted in black and white monochrome. Although we can feel the succession of the older works, the artist's new trials can also be seen. For example, "hands" are impressively described in detail, and "spaces" are nested in the painting itself and sometimes grabbed by the hands.


The exhibition title, 'Understory,' is a word for forestry and ecology. It means a layer of vegetation beneath the forest's main canopy but above the forest floor. How nature flourishes inside the forest seems to imply the thoughts and subjects Avramidis pursues.


We exhibited 8 new oil paintings by Avramidis.



Vasilis Avramidis Exhibition



Venue: HIRO GALLERY, Ginza Tokyo

Address: 3F, 1st. Iwatsuki bldg., Namiki Street, 6-7-16 Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 Japan

Term: Nov. 28 [mon] - Dec. 17 [sat], 2022 ※Closed on Sundays

Hours: 11:00 - 18:30

Tel: +81-3-3574-0545


Vasilis Avramidis Artist Page


《Press / Web article》

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ギリシアの現代アーティスト、ヴァシリス・アヴラミディス(1981- )による、日本では3年ぶりとなる新作個展を東京・銀座 ヒロ画廊にて開催いたしました。


アヴラミディスはギリシアのキルキスに生まれました。これまで数多くの有名アーティストを輩出したロンドンの名門芸術大学セントラル・セント・マーチンズを卒業し、現在はギリシアとイギリスを拠点に、 ヨーロッパとアメリカを中心に活動しています。3年前に開催したヒロ画廊でのアジア初個展も好評のうちに終わりました。














会場:東京・銀座 ヒロ画廊

住所:〒104-0061 東京都中央区銀座6-7-16(並木通り)岩月ビル3F

会期:2022年11月28日(月)〜12月17日(土) ※日曜休廊

営業時間:11:00 - 18:30

電話: 03-3574-0545





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