1996.1.31 - 12.15
All About Chimei Hamada
Cosponsored by The Asahi Shimbun Co.; The Odakyu Museum of Art; the Museum of Modern Art, Toyama; the Shimonoseki City Art Museum; and the Itami City Museum of Art

Elegy for a New Conscript: Sentinel / etching, aquatint / 23.8×16.2cm / 1954
Elegy for a New Conscript: Sentinel / etching, aquatint / 23.8×16.2cm / 1954
Person with Excessive Information / bronze / 33.5×13.0×11.5cm / 1984
Person with Excessive Information / bronze / 33.5×13.0×11.5cm / 1984


All About Chimei Hamada, an exhibition cosponsored by The Asahi Shimbun Co. and other museums throughout Japan, was held in 1996.


Worthy of the title “All About,” over 200 works from the all published works by 1996 to the unpublished watercolor paintings, sketches and so on. That includes the sketches drawn in Tokyo School of Fine Arts, the early works that severely censure war, the recent works that humorously satirize the absurdity and ugliness in society and the sculptures made from 1983.


Held in the next year of the 50th anniversary of the end of WWⅡ, the exhibition attracted much attention as one that renews the historical value of Chimei Hamada. In 1994, Hamada said “I think art has roles as something that entertains people and decorations. But not only that things, I believe that to express the society we live in is also a role of art.” How an artist, who went through the worst hell human beings could create, lived and what he watched and thought for five decades after that. And, how he participated in society through art. It became an important traveling exhibition in his artistic career.









  • 初年兵哀歌(歩哨) / エッチング・アクアチント / 23.8×16.2cm / 1954年
  • 情報過多的人間 / ブロンズ / 33.5×13.0×11.5cm / 1984年