2015.11.05 - 11.15
Photo Exhibition by Alessandra Maria Bonanotte
Geometry of the Spirit | EIRAKUKAN, Iga

File 連なり
File 連なり
Tensione 緊張
Tensione 緊張
Riflessione 省察
Riflessione 省察


A photo exhibition was held by an Italian photographer Alessandra Maria Bonanotte “Geometry of the Spirit” in EIRAKUKAN, Iga, Mie prefecture.


She travels extensively to photograph nature, culture and people. In recent years she is especially fascinated by Japan, its nature, shrines and temples, festivals, traditional crafts, artists and expert artisans. She is inclined to capture brilliant moments that have been inherited for a long time.


In this exhibition the works taken in Japan were exhibited, including the newest photos of traditional crafts of IGA such as Kumihimo [braided ropes] or ceramics.



Geometry of the Spirit


Venue: EIRAKUKAN [ Uenoaioicho 2842, Iga, Mie 518-0859 Japan ]

Term: November 5 [thu] - 15 [sun]

Hours: 10:00 - 17:00

Organizer: Iga Cultural City Association

Tel: 0595-22-0511

Cooperation: HIRO GALLERY


Photo by Alessandra Maria Bonanotte








美・日本のこころ / Geometry of the Spirit


会場:栄楽館 (〒518-0859 三重県伊賀市上野相生町2842)


時間:10:00 - 17:00

主催:公益財団法人 伊賀市文化都市協会




Photo by Alessandra Maria Bonanotte