Business hours extension and lifting the appointment system

Vasilis Avramidis
Vasilis Avramidis


We have been operating by appointment and with shorter business hours as control measures to the new coronavirus infection. But as of September 1, we will be lifting the appointment system and extending our business hours. We highly appreciate your continued cooperation and understanding.



Temporary opening hours


11:00 - 18:30 Monday - Friday

Closed on Saturday, Sunday and national holidays


Please follow the instructions below:

  • Apply sanitizer at the entrance before entering.
  • Wear a mask when you come to the gallery.
  • Refrain from visiting the gallery with a large number of people for a while.
  • Note that you may be required to wait for admission if the gallery is crowded.

Our staff members wear masks.

We will continue to operate in parallel with our work from home. The person in charge of your matter may not be available, so please contact us by phone or e-mail in advance.


Tel: 03-3574-0545

E-mail: info@hirogallery.com






月曜日〜金曜日 11:00〜18:30


  • 入口には除菌剤を設置いたします。入店の前にご使用下さい。
  • ご来廊の際はマスクのご着用をお願いいたします。
  • 多人数でのご来廊は引き続きしばらくの間はお控えいただくようお願い申し上げます。
  • 混み合う際には入店をお待ちいただく可能性もございますので、予めご了承下さいませ。




Tel: 03-3574-0545

E-mail: info@hirogallery.com