The Church of Vatican Embassy (Apostolic Nunciature) in Japan
Opening Ceremony
- Works and Interior Design by Cecco Bonanotte -


Vatican Embassy in Japan placed in Kojimachi requested Cecco Bonanotte to make works and design the interior of the church in the embassy. The opening ceremony that commemorates the completion of them was held with about 250 very important people including various countries’ ambassadors.


The ceremony was progressed by Archbishop Alberto Bottari De Castello, the apostolic nuncio to Japan.


The new church was revived into a white, sharp and modern space overall.


In the innocent white space, there are stained glasses minimally designed by Bonanotte. In the center of the altar, 12 saints’ sculptures produced by Bonanotte’s unique aesthetics of formation, Holy Ark shining gold, the reliefs he curved christ’s stories on, the lamp and cross made of gold and silver are installed.


The church modern designed and filled with the delicate works by Bonanotte, is such a pure place that once we enter we are wrapped by the gentleness of light.


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