April 2003
Yakushiji Temple, Nara

Archbishop Matsukubo and Bonanotte
Archbishop Matsukubo and Bonanotte
IL TEATRO DELLA VITA - The Theater of Life -
IL TEATRO DELLA VITA - The Theater of Life -


In 2003, Cecco Bonanotte’s exhibition titled “IL TEATRO DALLA VITA,” the theater of life, was held. It was a memorial exhibition for the completion of the grand lecture hall in Yakushiji Temple at Nara. The exhibition was realized through full partnership with the Buddhist archbishop Shuin Matsukubo. Mr. Matsukubo finds universal philosophy like consciousness-only of Buddhism in Bonanotte’s works and highly values them.


Installing Italian contemporary sculpture inside Yakushiji Temple, a traditional Japanese holy place, was an epoch-making event so it was paid big attention. In his famous book “Hyakuji Junrei,” Pilgrimage of one hundred temples, Itsuki Hiroyuki writes he was strongly impressed by the work. This work was exhibited at the Opera di Santa Croce in Florence later. Both Yakushiji Temple and Opera di Santa Croce are the World Heritage Sites. We can tell the artistry of the works by Bonanotte is needed regardless of the distance of east and west, time and space.


This relief is a polimaterial work using plural metals such as bronze, copper, silver, brass, aluminum and so on. Each metal was chosen according to the each expression. In the whole body of the work, the grand themes are shown such as the birth of life, life force, balance in life, human history and so on.









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