2002.6.5 - 9.29
Osuke Shimazaki Retrospective
Okawa Museum of Art
-描かざる幻の画家- 島崎蓊助 遺作展

In Lubeck / oil on canvas / 60.6×72.7cm / 1970
In Lubeck / oil on canvas / 60.6×72.7cm / 1970


From June 5th [Wed.] to September 29th [Sun.] 2002, “Osuke Shimazaki Retrospective” was held at the Okawa Museum of Art in Kiryu, Gunma Prefecture. Osuke Shimazaki (1908-1992) held his exhibition only once before his death, so almost all of his activity as an artist didn’t see the light of day. After 10 years from his death, about 100 pieces were exhibited in the retrospective. They included the oil paintings he drew when he stayed in Germany in 1970, unpublished early works, dessins, the works by his brother Keiji and the some data of his father Toson.


Osuke’s “Solitude” having roots in Toson’s “Melancholy inherited from parents,” got universalized and crystallized into an Art. To get there, his career as a “shadowy painter” was needed. In his career, many experiences were integrated through the trial and error after war, then it went back to the Solitude and Toson in his childehood. The experience includes the bottom of the Kiso River he gazed at all by himself in his childhood, Mt. Ena, the revelation against Toson, the burden he borne from the excitement and wandering in Germany, the reality he had to face in China.

 The sepia of the world in his eye socket was generated by the artist’s silence. He cast the world and color to society. During over 30 years after that, society has kept silence. From the works that appeared in front of us after a long interval, what can the people who look at them get from it?

( Fumihiro Sunohara, Curator of Okawa Museum of Art / from the catalogue of the exhibition )


An exhibition of Osuke Shimazaki was also held at HIRO GALLERY in 2010.


Osuke Shimazaki Exhibition -Persistence and Liberation on the Sepia-

2002年6月5日(水)から9月29日(日)にかけて、群馬県桐生市の大川美術館にて「描かざる幻の画家 島崎蓊助 遺作展」が開催されました。島崎蓊助(1908-1992)は生前には一度しか展覧会が開催されず、秘められた画家としてその活動はほとんど日の目を見ることがありませんでした。その没後10年、帯独中の油彩を主軸に、未発表の初期作品、デッサン類、さらに兄鶏二の作品と父藤村の資料の一端を含めた約100点が展示される回顧展となりました。




(展覧会図録より 大川美術館学芸員 春原史寛氏)




島崎蓊助展 セピアに込めた執着と解放




市庁舎(リューベックにて) / キャンバスに油彩 / 60.6×72.7cm / 1970年